Favorites: Children's Books

Favorites: Children's Books  /  Good on Paper

I must admit that I read way more books to Lucas when he was Theo's age than I do now to Theo (I'm tellin' you, the second one gets the shaft!). I took Lucas to the library, read during meal times, and had lots of quiet reading time. Poor Theo. But now that he is way more interested in books, I find myself reading a lot more to both kids at the same time and they're pretty into it. Here's a list of our current favorites. Theo especially loves Mr. Tiger Goes Wild (says, "Tiga!!!"), Stuck (says, "Duck!!!"), and Not a Box (I think I'll wait on getting him Not a Stick since he's still pronouncing the letter "s" like a letter "d"). Ha!

Favorite Children's Books
// 1. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
// 2. Along a Long Road
// 3. For Just One Day
// 4. Where's Walrus?
// 5. Rapido's Next Stop
// 6. Not a Box
// 7. Stuck
// 8. Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever
// 9. 365 Penguins

What are your favorites that I need to know about?