New Year / New Stash

New Year /  New Stash  /  /  good_on_paper

Happy new year everyone! This year has flown by and with it came a lot of ups and downs for friends dear to my heart. I won't get into specifics but moving onward and upward while pausing to take in special moments seems to be the theme for this new year (and life in general, huh?).

New Year /  New Stash  /  /  good_on_paper
New Year /  New Stash  /  /  good_on_paper

So what's this new stash I speak of? Back in November I entered the Chronicle Books giveaway on June Kim's Instagram (I am a huge fan of June's work and love following her on Instagram) and ended up winning! Yay! I am super excited for my new stash of amazing books published by Chronicle Books. Best part is that for every person who pledged to #givebooks, Chronicle donated a book to a child in need through First Book. We love books around here and definitely gifted a good number of them this year.

New Year /  New Stash  /  /  good_on_paper

And now through 1/9/15 get 30% off + free shipping with code NEWYEAR at Chronicle Books. Love that logo!

New Year /  New Stash  /  /  good_on_paper

And for kicks, here's a shot of our family holiday card this year. With photos from our friend, the amazing Sarah at Modern Kids Co. (who was super pregnant at the time of our shoot, thanks Sarah!), we listed our Top Ten highlights of the year, along with some of Lucas and Theo's favorites. These include Legos, swimming, lots of music, and of course eating stuff off the floor (yes, I'm talking about you, Theo!).

Looking forward to a bright new year!

Favorites: Children's Books

Favorites: Children's Books  /  Good on Paper

I must admit that I read way more books to Lucas when he was Theo's age than I do now to Theo (I'm tellin' you, the second one gets the shaft!). I took Lucas to the library, read during meal times, and had lots of quiet reading time. Poor Theo. But now that he is way more interested in books, I find myself reading a lot more to both kids at the same time and they're pretty into it. Here's a list of our current favorites. Theo especially loves Mr. Tiger Goes Wild (says, "Tiga!!!"), Stuck (says, "Duck!!!"), and Not a Box (I think I'll wait on getting him Not a Stick since he's still pronouncing the letter "s" like a letter "d"). Ha!

Favorite Children's Books
// 1. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
// 2. Along a Long Road
// 3. For Just One Day
// 4. Where's Walrus?
// 5. Rapido's Next Stop
// 6. Not a Box
// 7. Stuck
// 8. Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever
// 9. 365 Penguins

What are your favorites that I need to know about?