Favorites: Swoop Mini Bags

I don't know what's worse--a million Lego pieces all over the house or a few Legos on the floor that you step on with your bare feet. Ouch, right!?! Either way, Legos need a place of their own. Lucas and Theo were so lucky to inherit their cousin's gazillion Legos which they love and play with on a daily basis (remember our trip to Legoland?). And Lucas just got a bunch of new Legos for his 6th birthday. Though we have some Ikea storage bins, we could always use more storage for all those tiny pieces. So when Sarah at Swoop Bags sent us their new Swoop Mini Bags, we were thrilled! Not only are they perfect for storing the Legos and MagnaTiles they're playing with at the moment, but they are also great for traveling--we just took them to visit Nana and Grandad in Santa Rosa last weekend! And I swear they encourage cooperative play! Win Win! ;)

Designed and made in Seattle of tough, water-resistant nylon fabric, they have an inside pocket, heavy duty nylon cording with locks, are machine washable (yay!) and have a lifetime warranty.

Scroll to the bottom to find a special discount from Swoop Bags.

Hello, mini pocket!

Took our Legos and MagnaTiles to Nana and Grandad's house for the first time!

I love that these Swoop Mini Bags can hold so much yet cinch up easily and feel so compact.

+ Sarah at Swoop Bags is kindly offering 20% off in their Shop with code GOOD20 through Sunday, June 5th.
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