Favorites: Kids Toys/Gift Guide

Favorites: Kids Toys/Gift Guide / www.goodonpaperdesign.com/blog / @good_on_paper

When it comes to toys, we have everything in our house from quality wooden American made toys, to metal tractors from Nick's toddler days, to commercialized Spider-Man figurines made in China. Here are some of our very favorites that keep Lucas and Theo (and their friends both boys and girls) super busy and happy (think hours of unsupervised fun!). Many of these were gifts to us and we are always recommending them to friends or giving them as gifts.

1 /  BluTrack 18' Starter Set - This is the most popular toy in our house. Engages kids of all ages and it teaches them physics, I promise!

2 /  B. Pop Arty Beads - Lucas and Theo spend quite a long time making necklaces, bracelets, and other trinkets. Great because they can take it apart and make something new. Also excellent for fine motor skills. Just watch for small pieces.

3 /  Grimms Large Wooden Conical Stacking Tower - The kids (mostly Theo) still play with this one. Big pluses: made from sustainably harvested natural alder wood, the sides of the rings are flat so you could roll them, can be stacked in any order, and looks pretty on the shelf!

4 /  Vilac House of Balls - Most kids are drawn to this toy at house. Theo loves watching the balls zig zag down and ring the bell at the end.

5 /  Modern-Twist Placemat - We love these coloring placemats and use them for every meal. Super easy to clean and helps the kids stay seated at the table (about half the time at least).

6 /  Kinetic Sand - I had no idea this existed until we got them as gifts. It's incredible how you can pack it, squeeze it, and shape it. I love watching the boys create things over and over again (construction sites, buried treasure, food molds) without the mess of real sand in the house.

7 /  Little Sapling Toys Rainbow Stacking Stacking Nesting Toy - This well designed wooden toy not only looks beautiful on the shelf, but Lucas and Theo still play with this all the time. While Theo loves to stack them, Lucas loves to make ramps (using the BluTrack) or pretend they're boats, tunnels, or bridges.

8 /  Battat Garbage Truck - This was Lucas' favorite gift from his 2nd birthday (can we say obsessed?). They both love pushing it down the hallway and jamming as much stuff into the back as possible.

9 /  Janod Robots Chunky Puzzle - Brightly colored, wooden puzzle is super cute and great for teaching object orientation, fine motor skills, and creative play. Plus, who doesn't love robots?

10 /  Munchie Mug - Okay, not technically a toy, but this is one of my all time favorite kid products. It's spill resistant (don't you hate it when your child puts their hand into a snack bin and everything comes out including the top?), easy for little hands to grip, a snap to wash, free of lead, BPA, phthalate, and latex, and made in the USA.

11 /  Oeuf Gold Crown - Also not technically a toy, but I love all things Oeuf, and this crown has been in our family since before Lucas was born. The kids wear the crown every birthday -- it's kind of a little tradition over here (not sure what I'm going to do when their heads get too big!). See the crown in action on Theo from his second birthday.