Back to School Morning Hacks with Red Tricycle and Keen Kids

Can I just tell you the morning hustle around here is crazy! Lucas and Theo are professional dilly-dalliers and after a lot of trial and error, there are a few morning hacks that seem to work most days. I partnered with Red Tricycle and Keen Kids to let you in on one of our Back to School Morning Hacks. I generally like to give my kids choices (typically two options that I'm also happy with and that I stick to). To keep things running as smoothly as possible in the morning, I would give them a choice of what to get done. i.e. get dressed or eat breakfast first? (Lucas usually chooses getting dressed first and Theo always eats in his jammies) or brush teeth or put sunscreen on? There are really only 5 things they have to do before we head out the door and if I give them a choice of the order they're completed in, they're more likely to quickly choose and get it done. Win Win!

Lucas has been wanting high tops and his favorite color is red! How cute are these high tops from Keen Kids' new Encanto Collection? I love durable Keen shoes are and this urban style fits Lucas' active lifestyle. :)

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