Best of 2016

So this year's 2016 Best Nine on Instagram consisted of a mix of family, our home, me, food, and a of course Lucas and Theo. For this year's holiday card (family photos by Sarah Hebenstreit) I decided to highlight our best six.

This year was a crazy mix of highs and lows, sideways and zig zags, especially toward the end of the year with the insane political climate and sudden celebrity deaths. I'm so grateful for all the love and support this year from family and friends. Happy new year!

1. Lucas turned 6 and had a magic themed party.

2. Theo turned 4 and had a "waffle" themed party.

3. Lisa and Nick celebrated their 11th anniversary (photo by Sarah Hebenstreit).

4. Lucas started first grade and LOVES it.

5. Theo is in his last year of preschool and wants to stay.

6. Lisa quit her day job after nearly 20 years.

Yep, so this one was probably the biggest thing that happened for our family this year. Many people didn't realize I had another job aside from Good on Paper. I was a senior designer for a large engineering/environmental/architecture firm in Oakland. And many people at that job had no idea I had my own company. The decision to leave was not easy, but it was the right move for me. Earlier this year, I got shingles and it was bad. LIke, really bad. My body was telling me I was spreading myself too thin with two jobs, two kids, a house, a husband and all the crazy schedules and things to think about in between.

In late October, I was asked by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge (one of the most inspiring, influential women I know) to speak on a panel on her book tour for In the Company of Women. I was incredibly honored yet scared shitless to talk in front of so many people all wanting to know about my life and business. The whole night was a huge success--so much so that I was inspired by my own words and took to the big leap to go freelance full time and spend more time with my family. So far so good and I'm feeling way less stressed out about having to rush to work and leave work on time to pick up the kids, etc. It's a huge adjustment but things will fall into place soon enough. Feeling grateful for the most awesome boss and co-workers/friends.

Despite all the bad that happened this year, so many good things also happened:
A trip to Yosemite with friends
Lucas survived summer camp and getting dirty at Trackers
Lucas loved playing soccer on a team with all his friends
Theo started swim lessons
One of Lisa's photos was selected to be in the Tiny Atlas Quarterly Solas Photo Show
Lucas and Theo modeled kids clothing for brands like Tea Collection, Ziraffe and Keen Kids
Nick played an awesome CD release show with Your Song My Song
Lisa went to LA for an awesome baby shower
Lucas was a ring bearer for my cousin's wedding
Went to another amazing wedding for Eric and Jaime
Lucas lost his first tooth!
Lisa hosted an awesome East Bay Holiday Pop Up (maybe I'll do a spring one too?)
Took the kids to their first peaceful protest at Hands Around Lake Merritt
Helped with a logo design for Women Watching Washington

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