Favorites: Pain Bakery

A few weeks ago, I almost died from having the best bread of my life. It was a Country Loaf given to me by Theo's amazing preschool teacher Ayla's boyfriend, Chase, who bakes these lovely loaves for Pain Bakery. This loaf was 50 ounces of pure bliss--with a perfectly toasty crust and a super tender open crumb.

After eating one slice on its own, I decided to make avocado toasts the way they do at Bartavelle, one of my favorite spots in Berkeley--lightly toasted, drizzled with the best olive oil (I used ILA), smeared with organic avocado, a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt, and a little red pepper (if I had Marash pepper flakes I would have used that instead). SO. GOOD.

Man, if bread could be sexy, this would be Beyonce.

So this olive oil from ILA is the best one I've had with beautiful packaging to boot.

Look at that crumb! And I totally devoured that butt even though I normally don't even like bread crust :)

+ Find Pain Bakery bread here for now.
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