Favorites: Ink & Wit

I've been a longtime fan of Ink & Wit, the illustration and design company of Tara Hogan. I met Tara at the National Stationery Show in New York over 8 years ago and just loved her and her sweet illustrations and organic style--I have kept two of her letterpress calendars from a few years back. Now a sweet mama of two boys, Tara has a line of super soft and simple t-shirts for kids and mamas. Two little boys is no joke--finding the time to get back into the swing of things work wise is a huge deal and I'm in full support of that. Tara was kind enough to send us the Earth Dweller t-shirt for Lucas, the Cloud Hopper Rain Stopper t-shirt for Theo and the Moon Mama t-shirt for me, and we have been wearing them all the time. I love the super soft cotton and the gender neutral colors and designs. Plus, they're made in the USA from 100% Fine Jersey cotton.

See how cute Lucas and Theo look in their new t-shirts and scroll down for a sweet discount code for shirts and scarves in the Ink & Wit online shop.

I really don't like photos of myself but I love this t-shirt so I'm making a sacrifice ;) By the way, this is a size large so it's a bit on the looser side which I prefer. Thanks to Nick for snapping these.

Tara is offering Good on Paper readers 10% off shirts and scarves with code GOODONPAPER10. Also, check out their beautiful hand block printed Tulsi scarves--more to come on those! Thanks so much Tara!

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