Recipe: Best Granola Ever

Recipe: Best Granola Ever / / @good_on_paper
Recipe: Best Granola Ever / / @good_on_paper

I love making granola but haven't done so in a long time. And now I think I have found my favorite granola recipe ever. Ever. I literally ate half the granola from the baking sheet as soon as it was cooled down. It's a recipe from Erin Scott's new book Yummy Supper. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at her book signing last weekend at the Edible Schoolyard. She was super sweet and enthusiastic about me making her granola. In her book, she actually says that it's obnoxious to be so boastful about this recipe. But honestly, it really is the best ever and is now my go to granola recipe. So far my kids, my neighbor's kid, and a couple of my coworkers have said it was super tasty. I like to eat it plain, with almond milk, or on top of Greek yogurt.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Recipe: Best Granola Ever / / @good_on_paper

Reasons why I love this recipe so much:
+ It's gluten free (I'm not GF, but I do experiment a lot with gluten free baking/cooking)
+ It's super easy, portable, healthy, adaptable, and very forgiving
+ You can swap out different nuts and seeds based on your tastes or what you have available (I'll be making another batch without nuts so Lucas and Theo could bring to school)
+ It's only sweetened with honey

Oh, and couple of minor modifications I made only because it's what I had on hand:
+ I omitted the dry milk powder, but I will definitely try it the next time.
+ I added dried tart cherries (I loved them but my kids picked them out)
+ I added millet for some extra crunchy texture
+ I used whole almonds instead of slivered

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+ Photos by me
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Recipe: Best Granola Ever / / @good_on_paper